Barn Owl

Barn Owl - Tyto alba Tyto alba
Size: 13.5 inches (35 cm)
Habitat: Farmland and open countryside
Feeding: Small animals (mice, shrews, voles, moles) and birds
Eggs: 4 - 6 white eggs laid April to early May,
incubation about 30 days


Barn Owl    


We have only once seen this beautiful bird in the garden. But with it's distinctive white, heart-shaped face, there was no mistaking it caught in the headlights one dark night.

Barn owls are a golden buff colour with a white face and a small beak. Their distinctive facial discs which give it the heart-shaped appearance actually take in sounds all around the bird which it processes through its ears.

The male has a pure white chest and the female has dark speckles.

Barn owls are in decline in Britain. There are currently thought to be about 4-5,000 pairs.

A few years ago we put up a couple of barn owl nesting boxes, but we have not seen them in use yet.

Barn Owl - Tyto alba
    Barn Owl
Barn Owl - Tyto alba  
Barn Owl    

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