Bullfinch - Pyrrhula pyrrhula Pyrrhula pyrrhula


Size: 6 inches (135 cm)
Habitat: Woodland, scrub, farmland and hedgerows
Feeding: Tree seeds, berries, fruit tree buds
Eggs: 4 - 5 green/blue eggs spotted with purple/brown
laid from late April - July, incubation 12 - 14 days
Male Bullfinch    


The bullfinch is a very pretty and colourful bird. It is easily distinguished with a black cap, grey back, pinkish-red breast and black tail. The female is more drab than the male.

Bullfinches are sometimes thought of as pests because of their liking for fruit tree buds. In early spring they can strip a tree of all its buds.

They are solitary birds or found in pairs.

Sadly, we don't see them often. Hence the lack of a decent photo.

Bullfinch - Pyrrhula pyrrhula
    Male Bullfinch

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