Common Buzzard

Common Buzzard - Buteo Buteo Buteo Buteo

Size: 20 inches (55 cm)
Habitat: Woodland, moorland, farmland and mountains
Feeding: Small animals, especially rabbits, birds and carrion
Eggs: 2 - 3 white eggs with brown markings laid late April to early May, incubation about 36 days
Common Buzzard    


A pair of buzzards live in the woods close by and we often see them soaring over the fields (See the photo at the bottom of the page) or perched on a fence or tree. Buzzards are the commonest bird of prey in Britain.

The sexes are alike but the female is usually slightly larger. They have dark brown plumage on the back and paler at the front with darker bars and streaks. When flying, the tail is rounded and the wing tips are splayed.

Interestingly, buzzards were quite rare when we first moved here 25 years ago. Now, it is rare not to see a buzzard on any given day.

Thanks to Isle of Skye Falconry for the 2 beautiful close-up photographs.





Common Buzzard - Buteo Buteo
    Common Buzzard
Common Buzzard - Buteo Buteo    

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