Greenfinch - Carduelis chloris Carduelis chloris


Size: 5.75 inches (15 cm)
Habitat: Woods and hedgerows, farmland, parks and gardens
Feeding: Mostly seeds and berries
Eggs: 4 - 6 white/pale blue eggs with brown streaks
laid late April to August, incubation 11 - 15 days



The greenfinch is olive green with yellow bars on its wings and a pale beak. The female is duller in colour than the male. It uses its powerful beak to break open seeds.

This is a sociable bird who is a popular garden visitor and has greatly increased in numbers because of this. They are regularly seen in towns and villages.

They often have two broods of young per year and sometimes three.

Greenfinch - Carduelis chloris
Greenfinch - Carduelis chloris  




Greenfinches - Male and Female    

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