Jay - Garrulus glandarius Garrulus glandarius


Size: 13.5 inches (35 cm)
Habitat: Woodland, parks and farmland
Feeding: Acorns, insects, seeds, eggs and young birds
Eggs: 3 - 6 green-tinged eggs with brown speckles,
laid April to June, incubation 16 days

The Jay is a member of the crow family. It is a distinctive brownish-pink colour with a black and white streaked head, black moustache, white rump and black tail. However, the easiest way to identify a Jay is by the flashes of blue on it's wings.

They are quite shy birds and don't venture far from the woods, so they are easier to spot when the leaves are not on the trees. In the autumn, they collect acorns and bury them for the winter.

Jay - Garrulus glandarius
    Juvenile Jay

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