Red-legged partridge

Red-legged partridge - Alectoris rufa Alectoris rufa

Size: 14 inches (35 cm)
Habitat: Farmland, heath and downland
Feeding: Grain, seeds, flowers, leaves
Eggs: 10 - 15 yellow/brown eggs with brown/grey spots laid late April to May, incubation 14 days
Red-legged Partridge    

The Red-legged Partridge is a very distinctive game bird. The legs, beak and around the eyes are a deep red colour. It has a black eye stripe and a white bib with a black border. Its back is brown but it has striking chestnut, grey and white barring on its flanks.

The sexes are similar.

It is sometimes called the French Partridge because it was introduced from France over 200 years ago.

Red-legged partridge - Alectoris rufa
    Red-legged Partridge

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