Redwing - Turdus iliacus

Turdus iliacus

Size: 8 inches (20 cm)
Habitat: Woodland, fields and grassland.
Feeding: Worms, snails, beetles and wild fruits.
Eggs: 4 - 6 blue/green eggs with red/brown speckles
laid from May - July, incubation 13 days

The Redwing is a winter visitor from Northern Europe. They usually arrive in a large flock and blend in so well with the fallen leaves that it is extremely difficult to get a photo. In 2010, a flock arrived when there was snow on the ground. They targeted my Pyracantha bush and stripped its berries.

Redwings are members of the thrush family but slightly smaller and with a shorter tail than other thrushes. They have a prominent white eye stripe, speckled underparts flanked with red, and brown wings.

The sexes are similar.
Redwing - Turdus iliacus

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