Common Elder

Common Elder - Sambucus nigra Sambucus nigra
Species: Caprifoliaceae
Type: Deciduous
Height: Up to 30' (9 m)
Fruit: Elderberries
Common Elder    


Common Elder is a deciduous tree or shrub. It bears large flat heads of cream/white flowers in June which are followed by tiny black berries - used to make elderberry wine. The leaves are pinnate and slightly serrated.

Elder is commonly used in herbal medicine. An infusion made from the flowers is used for respiratory problems. The juice from the berries is used to treat headaches and the leaves can be used to treat wounds.

Common Elder - Sambucus nigra
    Common Elder


Common Elder - Sambucus nigra

Elder Berries - Sambucus nigra

Common Elder  

Elder Berries

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