Goat Willow

Goat Willow - Salix caprea Salix caprea
Species: Salicaceae
Type: Deciduous
Height: Up to 35' (10 m)
Fruit: Catkins
Goat Willow Catkins    


Goat Willow, also known as Pussy Willow or Sallow, is a very pretty tree when flowering in March/April.

It is native to Britain but can be found throughout Europe. It is tolerant of both dry and wet conditions and can be found as either a tree or a bush.

The male trees bear striking yellow catkins. The female tree bears longer more silky green catkins.

Goat Willow has dark green, wrinkled leaves which are rounder than other willows. It does not produce useful timber.

Goat Willow - Salix caprea
    Goat Willow Catkins


Goat Willow - Salix caprea



Goat Willow Catkin (male)    

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