Wild Cherry - Gean

Wild Cherry - Gean - Prunus avium Prunus avium
Species: Rosaceae
Type: Deciduous
Height: Up to 80' (25 m)
Flowers: White blossom, April - May
Fruit: Cherries


Wild Cherry (Gean)    

A beautiful tree in the springtime when it is flowering. There are clusters of white flowers up to 2 cm diameter with five petals and long stamens.

The fruit appears in June - July as cherries, first yellow then turning red. Sadly, we never get to eat any of these cherries. The birds always get there first! The blackbirds in the garden are especially partial to them.

Click here to see the fungus growing inside this tree!

Cherry - Prunus avium
    Cherry Blossom
Cherry - Prunus avium  
Cherry Blossom    

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