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  • "Muntjac Family"

  • "Comma on Mahonia"

  • "English Bluebells"

  • "Marsh Tit"

  • "Roe Deer Doe & her Twins"

  • "Who ate all the peanuts?"

  • "More nuts please!"

  • "Tree Peony"

  • "Bee on Lavender"

  • "Harsh conditions to bring up a baby"

  • "Spiraea thunbergii"

  • "Baby Frog"

  • "Red Kite"

Flora & Fauna in an English Country Garden

I built this web site in 2005 to keep a record of the animals, birds and flowers in my garden. It soon expanded to encompass trees, insects and even fungi. It now contains more than 500 pages of information and photographs and attracts visitors from all over the world. I hope you find it a useful resource.

I started with a tiny "Point and Shoot" camera to record my findings. Then my passion for wildlife was almost eclipsed by my passion for photography. I bought a DSLR camera to start taking better quality images and am in the process of replacing some of the original images with better ones. In this new version of the web site, I have included some photo gallery pages to showcase some of my favourite images.

I hope you enjoy the web site and that it encourages you to look closer at the wonderful wildlife around you. You may be surprised by what you find!


Roe Deer

From badgers to bats, rabbits to hares, mice to moles, and even deer, the garden is home to many beautiful, furry creatures. Read More »


Long-tailed Tit

We have spotted more than 40 species of birds in the garden. From the tiny Goldcrest to the majestic Red Kite and many in between. Read More »



In the spring we let a large area of the garden grow wild with hundreds of wild flowers. There are cultivated flowers and flowering shrubs, too.  Read More »

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