Lesser Burdock

Lesser Burdock - Arctium minus Arctium minus


Colour: Purple
Flowering: July - September
Height: Up to 3' (1 m)
Family: Compositae
Lesser Burdock    


This bushy plant is used to add a bitter flavour to drinks, as in "dandelion and burdock". The roots were also used as a source of vitamin C to protect against colds and 'flu.

It grows in a variety of habitats - by roadsides, in waste ground and in woodland. It always seems to attract plenty of insects in my garden.

The flowers are reddish-purple and the fruits are hooked to attach to fur or clothing. The leaves are heart-shaped.

Very similar to greater burdock, but does not grow so tall.

Lesser Burdock - Arctium minus
    Lesser Burdock
Lesser Burdock - Arctium minus  

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