Townhall Clock (Moschatel)

Townhall Clock - Adoxa Moschatellina Adoxa Moschatellina


Colour: Yellow / green
Flowering: March - June
Height: Up to 6" (15 cm)
Family: Adoxaceae
Townhall Clock (Moschatel)    

Townhall Clock, also known as Moschatel, is a very unusual plant, unrelated to other plants.

The leaves are light green with three lobes. The flowers are very unusual with tiny yellow/green flowerheads (less than 1 cm across) on long stalks. Each flowerhead has five flowers, four of which face in separate directions (like a townhall clock) and the fifth faces directly upwards.

Townhall Clock grows in woodland and hedgerows.

Townhall Clock - Adoxa Moschatellina
    Townhall Clock (Moschatel)

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