Woody Nightshade

Woody Nightshade - Solanum dulcamara Solanum dulcamara
Colour: Purple with yellow centre
Flowering: June - September
Height: Up to 6' (Up to 2 m)
Family: Solanaceae
Berries: Green turning red - very poisonous!
Woody Nightshade    

Woody Nightshade is the most common of the Nightshade family. It scrambles through hedges and shrubs, entwining the branches.

The flowers are clusters of purple flowers, each with five petals and a golden cone (anthers) in the centre of each. The flowers are about 15 mm across.

The flowers are followed by glossy, oval berries which start green, turning to yellow and red when ripe. The berries are very poisonous.

This plant is also a source of a drug used for skin diseases and chest problems.

Woody Nightshade Berries - Solanum dulcamara
    Woody Nightshade Berries

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