English Oak Tree

English Oak Tree in Summer - Quercus robur Quercus robur
Species: Fagaceae
Type: Deciduous
Height: 50 - 60' (15 - 18 m)
Fruit: Acorn
English Oak in Summer    


Probably the best known tree in Britain and an important feature of the English landscape.

They live for hundreds of years and have always been important for their timber. The wood has been used to build ships, houses and furniture, but is also renowned for its use in casks for maturing wines and spirits.

The fruit of the oak tree is the acorn which appears usually in September and is very popular with squirrels.

The oak is deciduous but loses its leaves very late in the year.

English Oak
    English Oak


Acorns English Oak bark
Acorns   Oak Bark


Oak Apple Gall caused by the wasp, Biorhiza pallida Oak Apple Gall caused by the wasp, Biorhiza pallida
Oak Apple   Oak Apple

Knopper Galls

Sometimes, strange structures appear on the acorns and leaves of an oak tree. The Oak Apple Gall above is caused by the wasp, Biorhiza pallida. These oak apples were about 5 cm diameter and appeared as the leaves were appearing in May.

There are various types of gall and the picture on the left shows a Knopper Gall, where the acorn has become yellow, distorted and sticky. These are caused by the gall wasp, Andricus quercuscalicis which lays its eggs inside the acorn and causes it to mutate.

These wasps do not usually cause damage to the tree and are nothing to worry about.

Knopper Galls    

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